Welcome to the Dance Motion Capture Database!

This website aims to create a publicly accessible digital archive of dances that, in addition to rare video material held by local cultural institutions, state-of-the-art motion capture technologies are utilized to record and archive high quality motion data of expert dancers performing these traditional dances. Apart from the goal of preserving this intangible cultural heritage by digitizing it, the project is interested in increasing the awareness of the local community to its dance heritage.

This is an evolving project and data will be added to our database as we capture them over time.

We store high-quality AutoDesk FBX, C3D motion capture data and videos for every performance. You can download any of datasets currently available in the Performances page. Please read the copyrights statement before downloading.

Our dance motion capture database, has been released by the AMASS database in SMPL body model parameters.

Now you can teach your machine learning model to dance!

Thanks a lot to the team of Perceiving Systems, and the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems.

Database Log

2018 May 01

  • Hasaposerviko , Andreas de la Vara
  • Pentozali , Andreas de la Vara
  • Poustsenko , Andreas de la Vara
  • Sta tria syrtos , Andreas de la Vara
  • Tatsia , Andreas de la Vara

2015 Oct 03

  • Contemporary Dance , afraid , Andria Michaelidou
  • Contemporary Dance , afraid , Andria Michaelidou
  • Contemporary Dance , angry , Andria Michaelidou
  • Contemporary Dance , angry , Andria Michaelidou
  • Contemporary Dance , annoyed , Andria Michaelidou

2015 Sep 27

  • Contemporary Dance , afraid , Vaso Aristeidou
  • Contemporary Dance , angry , Vaso Aristeidou
  • Contemporary Dance , annoyed , Vaso Aristeidou
  • Contemporary Dance , excited , Vaso Aristeidou
  • Contemporary Dance , Vaso Aristeidou