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Posted on: Apr 04 2024

Our data appears in Music Video Clip Become the Fool by PARKER

Posted on: Dec 31 2020
Contemporary dancing performed by Andria Michaelidou & Elena Kyriakou, delivers a leading performance in Become the Fool music video clip by Parker.


Please send an email to, to get the scripts & characters used in the tutorials below.

Load .c3d in MotionBuilder and create MB .fbx Actors

Posted on: Dec 31 2020
In this tutorial we present how to use .c3d files from our dance motion capture database in Autodesk Motion Builder, to export a MotionBuilder Actor (.fbx files). We show the process of converting the raw data from the markers captured in the lab, into a useful Actor that can be used to bake the animation into any humanoid 3d skeleton.

Export .bvh files from MB .fbx Actors

Posted on: Dec 30 2020
In this tutorial, we use MotionBuilder Actors, to export a .bvh file, that can be used to animate any character.

Attach an .fbx character on .bvh files.

Posted on: Dec 29 2020
In this tutorial, we animate any .fbx character using a .bvh file.