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  • Video format: Dance recording using an HD camera. Data saved in .MP4 (MPEG-4 part 10 H.264) or .FLV (flash) format.
  • .C3D format: stored 3D coordinate information, analog data and associated information as it is recorded from the motion capture system. More info can be found here.
  • Actor (.FBX) format: the motion of the performer is saved as an actor. Any virtual character (avatar) can be incorporated to perform the dance. This format is compatible with Autodesk MotionBuilder, 3Ds Max, Maya, Unity3D etc.
  • Character (.FBX) format: A virtual character has been incorporated to the actor. The character cannot be removed. This format is compatible with Autodesk MotionBuilder, 3Ds Max, Maya, Unity3D etc.
  • .RPD format: The PhaseSpace .RPD format that is stored 3D coordinate information, analog data and associated information (including cameras, rigid bodies etc) as it is recorded from the motion caprue system. The .RPD files are available upon request.

Video format
Markers (.C3D) format
Actor (.FBX) format
Character (.FBX) format

Terms of Use

We are very glad to hear from people using our data! If you do use our data, please send us an email at:

Please note that your project or product utilizing any of our data should clearly indicate that. We have spent countless hours creating and maintaining this dataset and made it available free for everyone to use, so we kindly ask that you acknowledge our work:

  • Scientists and Researchers: Please look at our related publications and cite any relevant work.
  • For any other type of use please insert the following (or similar) text:
    Motion capture data used in this work were obtained from, the Dance Motion Capture Database of the University of Cyprus.
AMASS Dataset

SMPL (SMPL Body Data .npz) and SMPLr (SMPL Body Rendered .mp4) files are under the terms and conditions of the AMASS Dataset.

Before downloading these files, you need to be registered and logged in to AMASS, and agree with the AMASS license.

AMASS Tutorial:


All other data in this website are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. The data is free to use in research and you may include the data in commercially-sold products, but you may not resell this data directly, even in converted form.

Please also respect our Terms of Use above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dance Motion Capture
Marker Configuration

How is the data motion captured in your Lab?
We have a Phasespace Impulse X2E motion capture system consisting of 24 cameras that are able to capture 3D motion using modulated LEDs. These cameras contain a pair of linear scanner arrays operating at high frequency (960Hz) each of which can capture the position of any number of bright spots of light as generated by the LEDs. Motions are captured in a working volume of approximately 5m x 8m. The capture subject wears a mocap suit of 38 markers and a stylish black garment.

How can I use this data?
The motion capture data may be copied, modified, or redistributed without permission. Please read the copyrights statement before downloading.


Disclaimer 1: We do not guarantee the quality of the data.
Disclaimer 2: Data classification is provided to assist users. The sincerest efforts have been to describe and categorize our motion data, so as to be generally helpful to all motion capture data seekers. However, as all motions are subject to individual interpretation, we cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies or mispresentations of data, arising from our classification.


If you have any dance motion captured data, dance-related information or mocap/animation code that you think would be useful to other people, please contribute. We will be happy to link to it, or host it.